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Basic Level

This course is aimed for fresh graduates (S1) from any discipline who are
interested in pursuing career in Building Management. This course is also
suitable for D3 (Diploma) graduates who have a limited working experience. The
course contents are consisting of basic training in Building Management from
legal, accounting / finance, engineering, housekeeping to basic management
training. This course is a prerequisite for the Intermediate Level Course

Intermediate Level

This course is aimed for those who have completed the basic
level course above and/or for those who have a limited
experience or exposure in Building Management and would be willing to upgrade their knowledge
and skills or to migrate / change career to Building Management.
The course contents are practically similar to the Basic Level
but at a greater depth and details. The management contents will
be increased from the Basic Level Course.

Advanced Level

This course is aimed for those who are currently working as
Building Managers and/or have an extensive experience in
Building Management and would update themselves with the current
advancement in Building Technology and Management including
Building Automation, ISO related issues, energy savings and
professional services.